Success With Social Media Marketing

Social media presents endless opportunities for success. Social media marketing has become a necessary component within a businesses marketing and public relations sectors. But with the overwhelming amount of presence online, how can a business stand out?

Agency Sales suggests the following tips for social media marketing success:

  • Putting your messages on the right sites – “What you need to do is determine where your market is and post your media messages on those sites” (Lontos, 2010)
  • Knowing how to utilise these sites successfully – there’s no point being present on these sites if you don’t fulfil the potential they have for your business. 
  • Post your businesses messages responsibly – Posting too often can become a nuisance; not posting enough will be of no benefit. Finding the right balance in posting is imperative to avoid the negative effects of over posting. 

A good example of a social media campaign isTourism Australia’s, “The Best Job in the World” campaign, which utilised YouTube as a method of creating great tourist interest. 



Lontos, P. (2010). KEYS to social media marketing SUCCESS. Agency Sales, 40(2), 44-45,47-48. Retrieved from


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