Snap, Upload, Monetize – Using Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Instagram has bought us countless photos of salads and Starbucks, however this photo based social media platform provides yet another marketing opportunity for businesses. Instagram is an online and mobile video and photo sharing social media site. With just a quick click of a phone camera, a business can upload photos and videos on just about anything that their business is doing. You can promote products and services, provide insight to the operation of the business and even promote business relations with charities, just to name a few. Released as a phone app in October of 2010, the app quickly gained popularity and is estimated to have over 200 million active users each month. But how can we really utilize Instagram for the benefit of a business?


Here are some examples:


–       Instagram allows businesses to run photo contests, by asking users to use a particular hashtag to participate. Sony gained followers by asking people to follow them on Instagram and hashtag pictures that represent love. This process created a greater following and increased customer engagement.


–       Clothing chain Topshop provides promo codes on some of their posts, as a reward to followers for opening, reading and viewing their content. This allows businesses to learn their audience and keep them engaged.


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