Twitter Tactics

Is it possible to sell a product or service in 140 words or less? Can a business successfully communicate with an audience with only 140 words? Twitter has proven on copious occasions that it is a platform with the ability to market and advertise.  The unique social media site made its debut in 2006 and has since become a powerful marketing tool. Twitter has its very own business section which provides tips and tools for businesses to optimise their Twitter marketing.

Twitter as a marketing tool is best utilised through targeting. Targeting tactics include the following:

  • Followers – Twitter allows interested audiences to follow a businesses Twitter. For the business, this means they gain an audience who they know are interested in their business, as they are willingly following their Twitter page.
  • Tailored Audiences – Businesses can tailor their audiences based on previous data.
  • Interests – Twitter offers 25 broad interest topics with over 350+ broad sub-categories, allowing targeting of users with similar interests to your business.
  • Location – Businesses can connect with a global audience and geo-target audiences based on their postal codes, specific regions etc.
  • Gender targeting
  • Device – Businesses can target an audience based on what device they access the site with.



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