The YouTube Revolution

The Internet is a platform that is constantly evolving into bigger and better things. Without a doubt, one of the greatest successes of the modern day Internet is the video site, YouTube. Since the site began operating in 2005, it’s believed that 3,000,000,000 videos are watched daily and over 35 hours of footage uploaded by the minute.With such extreme amounts of user traffic and generated content, YouTube is not only a revolution in itself, but also in the marketing world.

YouTube is an incredible promotional tool with various uses. For example, the site has shot many of it’s users to worldwide fame, including pop-singer Justin Bieber. But YouTube is not just great for hilarious videos and adorable puppies -for the marketing industry, YouTube provides a platform for businesses both large and small to create an online video portfolio. Uploading content on YouTube is free, which allows for businesses to cut back on costs while simultaneously creating an effective marketing tool for their products or services. If successful, a business can profit from the utilisation of YouTube as a marketing tool.

Chilli Group suggests some ways in which businesses can make use of the YouTube marketing revolution. They suggest uploading video content including some of the following:

  • TVCs
  • Video testimonials
  • Corporate DVD
  • Virtual tours
  • Product demo videos
  • Podcasts
  • Training / educational videos
  • Event footage
  • Media mentions (have you featured on a news item or a lifestyle TV show?)



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