Wikipedia Gets Weird

Wikipedia is the go-to source for millions of people worldwide. Much of the content is informational and great for general knowledge and informational purposes. However, Wikipedia is one of those sites where looking up something basic lands you in the mystical pit of the internet. Before you know it you’re reading about alien hand syndrome and whole-body transplants. Because anyone and everyone can edit and add to a Wikipedia page, sometimes things can get weird. And sometimes, there are pages on Wikipedia that make you question why they exist to begin with. Here are some examples of Wikipedia being weird.

– List of sexually active popes

– This very informational and medically accurate article on pink eye.




– Have you ever considered living in an airport? Apparently, these people did.

– Everyone loves Gothams hero Batman. This Wikipedia entry gives a detailed description of Batman.



– We’re all grateful for inventors, without their bravery and intelligence this post wouldn’t exist. But not all inventions have gone flawlessly and successfully. In fact, here is a list of inventors killed by their inventions.

– This accurate entry of the definition of Communism.



As you can see, Wikipedia isn’t always right, accurate or correct. Just another reason Wikipedia can’t be cited in academic assignments.


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